Laura Schreeg

Postdoctoral Scholar, Brown University and MBL

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  Biogeochemical controls over P availability in tropical forest soils, particularly
      the roles of redox heterogeneity and organic acid release by plant roots and microbes.



  Schreeg LA, Mack MC, Turner BL (in review) Optimizing a method for water extraction of leaf litter nutrients.
  Schreeg LA, Mack MC, Turner BL. (in press) Leaf litter inputs decrease phosphate sorption in a strongly
      weathered tropical soil over two time scales. Biogeochemistry Online first link:
  Schreeg LA, Mack MC, Turner BL. (in press) Nutrient-specific patterns in leaf litter solubility across 41 lowland
      tropical woody species. Ecology
  Schreeg LA, Kress WJ, Erickson DL, Swenson NG (2010) Phylogenetic Analysis of Local-Scale Tree Soil
      Associations in a Lowland Moist Tropical Forest. PLoS ONE 5(10): e13685.
  Schreeg LA, Kobe RK, Walters MB (2005) Tree seedling growth, survival, and morphology in response to
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