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Gillian Galford receives congratulations from her advisors, Jerry Melillo of the Ecosystems Center (left) and Jack Mustard of Brown University. Gillian successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on November 24.

Reception Honors Brown-MBL Ph.D. Recipients Galford, Lasek-Nesselquist

Gillian Galford, graduate student of Jerry Melillo of the Ecosystems Center and Jack Mustard of Brown University, received her Ph.D. on November 24. She and Erika Lasek-Nesselquist, who both entered the Brown-MBL graduate program at its start in 2004, were honored at a reception December 9.

Gillian’s thesis was titled "Biogeochemical Consequences of Land-Cover and Land-Use Change in the Agricultural Frontier of the Brazilian Amazon,” She will begin a post-doctoral fellowship at the Earth Institute at Columbia University in January, 2010 where she will be studying the biogeochemical impacts of agricultural intensification in Sub-Saharan Africa, applying the tools developed in her dissertation work to issues of food scarcity and adaptation to future climate change.

While completing her Ph.D., Gillian was the recipient of the inaugural Stanley Watson Fellowship, which provides support for graduate students carrying out dissertation research with an MBL scientist or support for graduate or post-doctoral students enrolled in one of the advanced MBL courses.