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Community Garden as of August 25

Ecosystems Staff Builds MBL Community Garden

The sunny patch of lawn between the C.V. Starr Environmental Sciences Laboratory and Homestead Administrative Building has been converted into a community garden for MBL employees. A group of Ecosystems Center staff members built five 8 by 4 foot raised bed plots in early May and most were planted over Memorial Day weekend.

The idea for the community garden originated with Kelly Holzworth of the Ecosystems Center. “My office looks out on that area between the buildings and I kept thinking what a wonderful space it would be to grow a garden,” said Ms. Holzworth. She and Gillian Galford drew up a detailed community garden proposal and contract for members.

Garden members shared the costs of building the plots and responsibilities for planting, watering, weeding and harvesting the garden. They agreed that the garden beds should be raised, in part, in case there were any contaminants in the soil and to avoid adding amendments to the sandy soil and changing the landscape structure.

Other plots are tended or shared by Erin Kinney, Aaron Strong, Lindsay Brin, and Debbie Scanlon. One plot has been planted by the children in MBL’s Satellite Club, the summer day camp for six to 10 year olds .

“The MBL is all about collaborations in the lab. We’ve extended this ethic to our community garden, working together to build and maintain our plots and helping each other with garden chores,” noted Ms. Galford.

“The garden is also a symbol of the MBL’s goals to make the campus more environmentally friendly by supporting local foods,” Ms. Galford said.

Most of the gardeners have planted a variety of vegetables from tomatoes and basil to arugula and coriander, with a few marigolds and zinnias for color.

The Last Harvest, November 17, 2 008

Mary Ann Seifert and Gillian Galford collect the last crops before the November frost.

Satellite Club Plants Its Garden June 24, 2008

Satellite ClubSatellite CLub 2satellite club 4Satellite club 3


Building the Community Garden May 3, 2008

 building garden plotshelping to build plotsAaron and Kellypreparing the plots

ErinGillian spreading loamgroup picture