Meets Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 PM, Lillie 103, unless otherwise stated

MBL Micro-Eco Discussion Group, Fall 2014


Sept. 18 -- Zoe Cardon

Kim W, Racimo F, Schluter J, Levyd SB, Foster KR (2014) Importance of positioning for microbial evolution.  PNAS 111(16):E1639-E1647


Sept. 25 -- Julie Huber

Anantharaman, K., Duhaime, M. B., Breier, J. a, Wendt, K. a, Toner, B. M., and Dick, G. J. (2014). Sulfur oxidation genes in diverse deep-sea viruses. Science 344, 757–60. doi:10.1126/science.1252229.


Oct. 2 - Jessica Mark Welch

Hsiao EY et al. (2013) Microbiota modulate behavioral and physiological abnormalities associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. Cell 155, 1451–1463


Oct. 9 -- Elena Lopez Peredo


Supplementary materials can be found here: GireEtAl supplement

And more info can be found in this PNAS paper: Olinger et al. (2012) PNAS 109(44):18030–18035


Oct. 16 --Bob Campbell



Oct. 23 Sayaka Mino

Sayaka will present her research focusing on biogeography and population structure of chemolithoautotrophs in deep-sea hydrothermal fields. She looks forward to comments and suggestions. No need to read anything in advance.


Oct. 30 Caroline Fortunato

Dupont CL, Larsson J, Yooseph S, Ininbergs K, Goll J, et al. (2014) Functional Tradeoffs Underpin Salinity-Driven Divergence in Microbial Community Composition. PLoS ONE 9(2): e89549.


Nov. 6 Chris Algar

McCalley et al. (2014) Methane dynamics regulated by microbial community response to permafrost thaw. 514:478-481.

for supplementary materials, click HERE


Nov. 13 Angus Angermeyer - research! (Nothing to read ahead of time)


Nov. 20 Joe Vallino

Ottesen, E. A., C. R. Young, S. M. Gifford, J. M. Eppley, R. Marin, S. C. Schuster, C. A. Scholin, and E. F. DeLong. 2014. Multispecies diel transcriptional oscillations in open ocean heterotrophic bacterial assemblages. Science 345:207-212, doi:10.1126/science.1252476.


Nov. 27 THANKSGIVING!! (yes, really, no micro-eco)


Dec. 4 Zoe Cardon - plz come give your thoughts on:


(or local copy here: 10-Year-JGI-Strategic-Vision.pdf )


Dec. 11 Annaliese Jones - research! (Nothing to read ahead of time)