We are a diverse group of scienstists mostly in the Ecosystems and Bay Paul Centers at MBL, at Brown University, and in the Brown-MBL graduate program.


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Amaral-Zettler Linda Bay Paul Center
Anderson Rika Bay Paul Center
Angermeyer Angus Brown-MBL
Campbell Bob Bay Paul Center
Cardon Zoe Ecosystems Center
Fortunato Caroline Bay Paul Center
Galloway Jim University of Virginia
Giblin Anne Ecosystems Center
Gitlin Jonathan Bell Center
Gribble Kristin Bay Paul Center
Hammer Kassia Bay Paul Center
Hobbie John Ecosystems Center
Huber Julie Bay Paul Center
Lopez Peredo Elena Ecosystems Center
Luria Catherine Brown-MBL
Jones Annaliese Brown University
Mark Welch Jessica Bay Paul Center
Mark Welch David Bay Paul Center
Morrison Hilary Bay Paul Center
Murphy Leslie Bay Paul Center
Myers Kristin Bay Paul Center
Prendergast Bob Bay Paul Center
Reznikoff Bill Bay Paul Center
Serres Gretta Bay Paul Center
Sievert Stefan WHOI
Smith Julie Bay Paul Center
Sogin Mitch Bay Paul Center
Thomas Suzanne Ecosystems Center
Vallino Joe Ecosystems Center
Weinreich Dan Brown EEB
Williams Laura Bay Paul Center
Witting Jan SEA Semester


Past members:

Jennifer Wernegreen - moved on to be Associate Professor at Duke University
Claire Lunch - moved on to be Staff Scientist at NEON
Nancy Akerman - moved on to be AAAS fellow at EPA
Erica Lasek-Nesselquist - moved on to be Postdoc at UConn
Alex Valm - moved on to be Postdoc at NIH
Chris Algar - moved on to be Assistant Professor at Univ. of Dalhousie
Francois Thomas - moved on to be Postdoc at Université de Lorraine
Anton Post - moved on to be Director, Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island
Susie Theroux - moved on to be postoc at DOE's Joint Genome Institute
Lindsay Brin - moved on to be postoc at the Potato Research Centre,Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Emelia DeForce - moved on to be research scientist at MoBio
Hugh Ducklow - moved on to be Professor at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Sheri Simmons - moved on to be Microbial Genomics Scientist at Monsanto
Sue Huse- moved on to be Assistant Professor (Research) Brown University
Lois Maignien - moved on to be Associate Professor University of Western Brittany
Laura Schreeg - moved on to be AAAS fellow at US AID
Erika Del Castillo
Priya Dutta
Yuko Hasigawa
Nuria Fernandez Gonzalez
Jeremy Rich
Mary Beth Saffo