Meets Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 PM, Lillie 103, unless otherwise stated

MBL Micro-Eco Discussion Group, Spring 2014


January 23 -- Chris Algar - job talk practice!


January 30 -- Angus Angermeyer

...will present a paper he is working on about biogeography of sulfate-reducing bacteria in salt marsh sediments of the East Coast

February 6 -- Practice for MBL-UChicago retreat lightning talks!

February 13-- No MicroEco


February 20-- School break, practice for ASLO talks?


February 27--Zoe Cardon

Tartakovsky GD, Tartakovsky AM, Scheibe TD, Fang Y, Mahadevan R, and Lovley DR (2013) Pore-scale simulation of microbial growth using a genome-scale metabolic model: Implications for Darcy-scale reactive transport. Advances in Water Resources, 59: 256-270.

March 6-- Jessica Mark Welch and Eugene Chang

Wang et al. (2010) Laser capture microdissection and metagenomic analysis of intact mucosa-associated microbial communities of human colon. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 88:1333-1342


March 13-- Tom Delmont


March 20-- Caroline Fortunato

Glaubitz S. et al. (2014) Pyruvate utilization by a chemolithoautotrophic epsilonproteobacterial key player of pelagic Baltic Sea redoxclines. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 87: 770-779.


March 27 -- No MicroEco meeting (Brown Spring Break! And PIE LTER all scientists meeting)


April 3- Jesse McNichol

Sebastian Lücker, Boris Nowka,Thomas Rattei, Eva Spieck and Holger Daims (2013) The genome of Nitrospina gracilis illuminates the metabolism and evolution of the major marine nitrite oxidizer.  Frontiers in Microbiology Vol. 4. Article # 27. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00027


April 10 -- Anne Giblin

Adrian Marchetti,David M. Schruth, Colleen A. Durkin, Micaela S. Parker, Robin B. Kodner, Chris T. Berthiaume, Rhonda Morales, Andrew E. Allen, and E. Virginia Armbrust (2012) Comparative metatranscriptomics identifies molecular bases for the physiological responses of phytoplankton to varying iron availability. PNAS 109(6): E317 -25

April 17--Elizabeth Forbes - research talk!

For background, see summary, intro, and 1st couple paragraphs of discussion in:

Bedford BL, Bouldin DR, Beliveau BD (1991) Net Oxygen and Carbon-Dioxide Balances in Solutions Bathing Roots of Wetland Plants. Journal of Ecology, 79:943-959


April 24--


May 1-- Nuria Fernandez Gonzalez

Marzocchi et al. (2014) Electric coupling between distant nitrate reduction and sulfide oxidation in marine sediment. ISME Journal, doi: 10.1038/ismej.2014.19 (advance online pub)

May 8-- Chris Algar - practice "chalk talk" for job interview


May 15--