Meets Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 PM, Lillie 103, unless otherwise stated

MBL Micro-Eco Discussion Group, Spring 2016


January 28 Rika Anderson

Bendall, M. L., Stevens, S. L., Chan, L.-K., Malfatti, S., Schwientek, P., Tremblay, J., … Malmstrom, R. R. (2016). Genome-wide selective sweeps and gene-specific sweeps in natural bacterial populations. The ISME Journal.

February 4 Linda Amaral Zettler

Stulberg E et al. (2016) An assessment of US microbiome research. Nature Microbiology. DOI: 10.1038/NMICROBIOL.2015.15


February 11 Joe Vallino

Sugihara G, May R, Ye H, Hsieh C-h, Deyle E, Fogarty M, and Munch S (2012) Detecting causality in complex ecosystems.Science 338:496-500.


February 18 - no MicroEco. School break week.


Feb. 25 -- No MicroEco


March 3-- Zoe Cardon


March 10 Eric Edsinger


March 17 - (likely no MicroEco - "PRO-MICROBES" meeting on Tuesday March 15th)



March 31 -- Julie Huber

Knowles et al. 2016. Lytic to temperate switching of viral communities. Nature. 531, 466–470.


An overview in Nature about the article:

Thingstad and Bratbak. 2016. Microbial Oceanography: Viral strategies at sea. Nature. 531, 454–455.


April 14 -- Joe Vineis

Glaeser et al. (2016) Non-pathogenic Rhizobium radiobacter F4 deploys plant beneficial activity independent of its host Piriformospora indica.  ISME Journal 10:871-884.


April 21 - School break


April 28 -- Elena Lopez Peredo

Research examining transcriptomes of green algae


May 5 --